Can I turn the LED light off?

    No, the LED light will always go on as an indicator that Wristcam is in use.

    Can Wristcam handle notifications?

    Your notifications are all handled through your Apple Watch. There will be periodic updates to the Wristcam software, to enable Apple Watch notifications, as we add more features and capabilities to the device and its supporting app. 

    How can Wristcam be operated manually?

    A single button on Wristcam performs all of the functions: a single quick press of the button initiates a quick photo capture, a long- 1sec-press will start recording video, with a quick tap after to stop recording. You can view the images and videos you captured with the Wristcam app.

    How do I check the battery level?

    You can always check your battery status from the settings tab on your iPhone app or from the splash screen displayed on your Apple watch when Wristcam connects. When your Wristcam is running low on battery you will see a red intermittent pulse on the self-facing LED indicator.

    How does Wristcam sync with my Apple Watch?

    Wristcam uses Bluetooth to sync with your iPhone and WiFi to upload the high quality images and videos. 

    How Many Mega Pixels does Wristcam Have?

    Wristcam provides HD video quality. The outward-facing camera and the self-facing camera produces either 720p or 1080p videos at 30 FPS depending on your selection.

    8MP World-Facing + 2MP Self-Facing
    1080P HD Video
    3840X2160 High Resolution Photo

    How much storage does Wristcam have?

    Wristcam has 8GB onboard flash memory. Photos and videos sync with your iPhone's photo gallery when connected.

    What are the dimensions and weight?

    Size: 3.15L x 2.15H x 1.00W in

    Thickness: 0.41 in


    What does the button on my Wristcam do?

    You can use it to turn your Wristcam on and off, help pair your device, capture photos with a single tap, long-press to start recording video and a quick tap after to stop recording double.

    What does Video Stabilization “On” or “Off” refer to?

    Wristcam provides HD video quality. The outward-facing camera and the self-facing camera produces either 720p or 1080p videos at 30 FPS depending on your selection.

    The Wristcam comes set at 720p, so if you prefer 1080p videos please follow the steps below: 

    1. Please first ensure your Wristcam is updated to the latest firmware.
      1. You may check this under the Settings in the Wristcam app > Maintenance and Support > Check for Firmware update > check to see if an update is needed.
        1. If so please ensure your battery is at 60% or higher and keep it on the charging cable.
    2. Then, after you connect your Wristcam to your iPhone: 
      1. You will be able to adjust the Video mode by twisting the watch's crown to change from Stabilization “On” (720p) or “Off” (1080p).


    What is the camera resolution?

    Wristcam boasts 8MP for its outward-facing camera and 2MP for it's self-facing. 

    What kind of sensors are you using?

    Wristcam uses Sony camera sensors, which do not interfere with the Apple Watch sensors.

    What makes Wristcam unique?

    Only Wristcam allows you to take high-resolution photos and shoot videos with the self-facing and outward-facing cameras, all from the band of your Apple Watch.

    Wristcam sizes: How to measure your wrist

    The fit of your Wristcam is a fairly subjective thing, but it’s important to know just how big your wrist is before buying the Wristcam.

    So, how can you tell for sure? Well, get out the flexible tape measure and size up that wrist.

    Hold the strip just below where your wrist bone sits and around where you would normally wear the band, wrap it around your wrist, and line that up with the sizes of your Apple Watch model.

    Just don't go too tight or too loose – not only can it become uncomfortable, but it also affects the accuracy of the Apple Watch's heart rate monitor.


    Apple Watch Model Minimum Wrist Circumference Maximum Wrist Circumference
    38/40/41mm Apple Watch 132mm - 5.20 inches 174mm - 6.85 inches
    42/44/45mm Apple Watch 154mm - 6.06 inches 194mm - 7.63 inches