Can I make a video call, use the Video Messaging feature?

    Yes! With Wristcam, you can take photos and videos directly from your Apple Watch and then share them. You can also use our Video Messaging feature to chat (by sending video messages) with your friends (who also use an iPhone and use a Wristcam app-specific tied to the messaging feature) in real-time directly from your Apple Watch.

    Wristcam is currently not compatible with FaceTime or any video calling app. Still, we are working with different developers to add support and compatibility for other features and apps in the future. Stay tuned!

    Do you have a video on how to set up and use the Wristcam Messenger?

    Yes, please view the video to see how to set up the Messenger in the Wristcam App and use it and how your friends can access and set up the Wristcam Messenger App. We hope this answers any questions you may have, if not please contact


    Can I do a Group Chat on both the Wristcam Messenger app and on the Wristcam app?

    Wristcam Messenger app supports creating a group, which can include contacts that use the Wristcam app.

    At this time you can not start a group from the Wristcam watch app (you can view group messages and reply to the group or the sender). 


    Can I pick a User name in the Wristcam app in my profile?

    You can change your handle from the profile screen, depending on availability. 

    Can I send a Video Message to a friend who uses an Android phone?

    They will not be able to view it until we release the Android Wristcam Messenger, later this year. Stay tuned for updates!

    Can I sign into the Wristcam Messenger App with Google or Apple ID?

    Yes, either will work.

    Do I need to sign into the Wristcam App with my Apple ID? Can I use a different email address?

    You will need to use your Apple ID to sign into Wristcam. Providing your actual email will allow contacts to find you. The same goes for connecting your phone number.

    How do I access the Video Messaging feature? Which App do I use?

    Wristcam owners can sign into the feature using the Wristcam Phone app. In the Settings pane, choose Sign In and follow the on screen instructions. Once completed, the rightmost pane in your Wristcam Watch App will include the messaging functionality. Please also ensure to update your Wristcam to the latest Firmware to ensure all works properly. 

    The Wristcam Messenger App is available for every iOS user (Android coming soon) and allows messaging from your phone whether you own a Wristcam or you want to respond back to a Wristcam user, but you do not own a Wristcam.

    It is possible to install the Wristcam Messenger in addition to the Wristcam app for Wristcam owners, and signing in with the same account will simply include all messages in both apps.

    Is Wristcam Messenger free to use (no subscription)?

    Yes, Wristcam Messenger free to use. 

    My friend has a Wristcam, how do I send them a Video Message?

    If you do not have a Wristcam, you may still view and send video messages to them. You will need to download the Wristcam Messenger app, set up a profile and search for them in your contacts or send an invite.

    What is the difference between using the Wristcam app versus the Wristcam Messenger App?

    The Wristcam app is the companion app for Wristcam owners, which supports messaging in addition to all things Wristcam related.

    For non-Wristcam owners and for Wristcam owners who want to sometimes message from the phone, we published the Wristcam Messenger App.

    What is the maximum timeframe for the Video Message?

    The current video length can be up to 23 seconds. 

    What is the Video Messaging feature? Do you have a video on this?

    Wristcam Messenger app is available for every iOS user (Android coming soon) and allows messaging from your phone.  Please see below. 


    Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube videos as we will continue to add more over time.