Can I make a video call, use the Video Messaging app I installed months ago?

    No. You will need to update your Wristcam app software by going to the App Store on your iPhone. Please click here for how to set up Video Calling.




    Can I pick a User name in the Wristcam app in my profile?

    You can change your handle from the profile screen, depending on availability. 

    Do I need to sign into the Wristcam App with my Apple ID? Can I use a different email address?

    You will need to use your Apple ID to sign into Wristcam. Providing your actual email will allow contacts to find you. The same goes for connecting your phone number.

    Is Wristcam Video Calling free to use (no subscription)?

    Yes, Wristcam Video Calling and Video Message is free to use. 

    What is the difference between using the Wristcam app versus the Wristcam Messenger App?

    The Wristcam app is the companion app for Wristcam owners, which supports Video Calling and Messaging, in addition to all things Wristcam related.

    For non-Wristcam owners they will need to install the Wristcam app, sign in to Video Calling Feature EARLY ACCESS and stay signed in, in order to receive or make calls to your watch. 

    Please note: If you or your friend or family, still have the prior, separate Wristcam Messenger app- please remove this app as it is no longer being supported or available for use. This Messenger app does not support video calling so we removed it to avoid confusion. You will be able to send video messages and make calls using the newly updated Wristcam app. 


    If any questions, please contact