I cannot enter the number 1 with my phone number when trying to set up the Wristcam Messenger- help!

    Some consumers may note a phone code issue with the Wristcam Messenger (beta). We resolved the issue and created a Wristcam app update which you will find in the Apple Store.
    To fix this issue:

    1. Please go to the Apple Store, search for Wristcam. Click on Wristcam and when there you should see the word in blue noting, "UPDATE". 
    2. Click on Update to install the latest Wristcam app to your iPhone.
    3. After it installs, you will see it say, "OPEN" and it will take you to your Wristcam app on your device.
    4. Then, you should be able to set up/sign in to the Wristcam Video Messenger under Settings. You will now enter your phone number and proceed with following the directions to create your Wristcam Video Messenger (beta) account.

    If the issue is not fixed after taking these steps please let us know. We will be happy to assist you further. 

    After adding the Wristcam Messenger, I am noting some green lines/green screen in my preview or video, how can I fix this?

    Please ensure you have updated the Firmware on your Wristcam App to the most recent, which may be 0.2.835 (or higher).

    How do I turn on/off or adjust my Wristcam Messenger notifications?

    You may change your notifications (turn some on or off as desired) for the Wristcam Messenger under the Settings for your iPhone. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messenger and adjust your notifications as needed. 

    Do I need to be on the latest version of Firmware to use the Video Messaging?

    Regardless of Video Messaging, you should make sure you are on the latest version of Firmware (or at minimum on 0.2.816 and above).

    Pay attention to in-app notifications regarding a critical update to the firmware. As always, we recommend updating your Wristcam to the most current Firmware.