Can I use a USB power extension cord?

    No, that may cause charging issues.

    Please only use the Wristcam provided Power Adaptor directly plugged into the wall along with the Charging Cable.

    • You may use a plug converter if residing outside the US or Canada. 
    • You may also use Apple's original MFI certified Power Adaptor.

    If you use a USB extension power cord or extension cord, like all other products, our product requires 5V (volt, i.e. Potential), and during power consumption at even 100mA (milli Amper) there will be potential drop and the device will NOT get the needed 5V.

    This means you may have issues with charging the Wristcam, updating the Wristcam and downloading content if you use the power extension cord.

    How do I insert and remove the camera core?

    Check this video to see how to properly insert and remove the camera core from the silicone band.


    How Do I Sync or Import My Photos and Videos?

    We created a video to aid you with how to sync or import your photos and videos (manually or automatically) found here.


     Please contact if any additional questions. 

    How do I use the Wristcam Watch App? How do I navigate it?

    Please check out this video to see all the Watch app functionalities, how to change the Aspect Ratio, how to change the video to HD Action Mode, how to switch from photo to video mode and how to flip the cameras. 



    You may also view the "How to Use the Wristcam App" on your Watch by opening your Wristcam app on your Apple iPhone, then select the icon on the lower left to see our newsfeed. There you may view the How To Watch App, noted also as Quick Tips (scroll down to see the video). 

    How to Edit and Share

    Check this video to learn how to edit and share your photos and videos. 

    How to quickly take a photo or start recording

    Did you know there are 2 ways that you can quickly open your Wristcam app and view preview? Check this video more! 


    Do I have to turn off Wristcam everytime I'm not using it?

    No, Wristcam will automatically go into an idle mode after 40 seconds of inactivity. To return to active mode simply press the hardware button.

    Does Wristcam work with earpods/AirPods/headphones (with Bluetooth)?

    Wristcam works with AirPods and other brand earpods and headphones which work with Bluetooth. 

    How do I add Wristcam to my Watch face?

    Check this video to see how to add Wristcam complication to your Apple Watch face.

    How do I attach and remove the band from the Apple Watch?

    Please check this video to see how to attach and remove the band from the Apple Watch. 

    How do I change the Aspect Ratio for photos?

    You may change the Aspect Ratio for taking photos any time while you are using the Wristcam, while you have the photo mode on, by moving the crown of your Apple Watch up and down to the desired Aspect Ratio.


    How do I download my photos and videos to the Wristcam app?


    Please ensure your Wristcam has at least 60% battery to ensure the download can occur. When in doubt, please charge your Wristcam for 20 minutes or leave on the charger when performing the download. 

    How do I fasten my Wristcam?

    How do I know how much space I still have left?

    To see how much space you have left, you need to go check your Wristcam status from the settings tab in the Wristcam app on your iPhone. Please note, if the memory is full when you try to take a picture or record, a red light will blink twice.

    How do I know if Bluetooth is connected?

    When the Bluetooth connects after powering on or wakes from sleep, the led will pulse blue once , but if it is not connected it will pulse red.

    How do I know if I'm recording or if a picture was taken?

    When you take a picture you will see a white light on your led indicator and if you are recording a video it will show a continuous white light on your led indicator.

    How do I know if my Wristcam is on?

    When your Wristcam is turned on or wakes from idle mode, the led light will blink green twice. You can also check your Wristcam status from the settings tab in the Wristcam app on your iPhone. 

    How do I know if the battery is running low?

    If you are running low on battery you will see a red light blinking and a low battery notification will pop. 

    How do I know if Wristcam has finished charging?

    While your Wristcam is charging, the red outward facing LED will show, when it's done the red led light will just turn off.

    How do I set up and use the hands-free feature, Siri?


    To use the hands-free feature, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you are on the 2.140 version of the app or later. Wristcam iPhone Settings > Info



    2. Check on the Watch app blobid1.jpg that you are connected with the same Apple Id as your iPhone 

    Watch > General > Apple ID


    3. Make sure you have Shortcuts activated (toggled on) to sync via the iCloud on the iPhone Settings blobid2.jpg 

    Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Shortcuts 


    4. On the Wristcam iPhone app, select Siri, and you will see 5 suggested shortcuts. Please activate the ones you would like by clicking on Add to Siri; you can edit the command on "When I say" and click the "Add to Siri" button. 



    5. To confirm it was added successfully to your watch, just open the Shortcuts app, click on the 3 dots next to the shortcut, and then click on the 3 dots under Done.



    Now just test it out! 


    Please note that sometimes you might need to restart the Apple Watch (turn it off and back on) to trigger an iCloud sync. 




    How do I take a photo or record a video using the hardware button?

    How do I turn off my Wristcam?

    To turn off your Wristcam, just press and hold the hardware button for 8 seconds - until you see the orange LED. 


    How do I unpair and re-pair my Wristcam? I have a new iPhone/Wristcam now and I am not able to connect.


    Please note: If you are using a different/new Wristcam, or had a family or friend try yours out, or bought a new/different model iPhone, you may need to follow the above video instructions to remove the Wristcam from your list of devices and then try pairing again. 

    • Please only use our provided Wristcam charging cable and power adaptor (or Apple provided power adaptor) plugged directly into the wall. Extension power cords and/or third party USB power adaptors can cause charging issues. 
    • Please charge the Wristcam 1-2 hours for a full battery charge before each use. 

    Here are some additional troubleshooting steps to aid you:

    Please connect your Wristcam to the charger and see if you see a blue, glowing LED:

    • If so,  please Turn OFF your iPhone Bluetooth, wait 10 seconds, and turn your iPhone Bluetooth back ON and see if you can see Wristcam under other devices.
      • If you see Wristcam, please tap on it to pair to your iPhone.
      • Next open your Wristcam app (or you will be directed there) and tap on Do not unpair your Wristcam.

    • If not, please follow the next steps. 

    1. Please place your Wristcam on the charger for 20 min. Make sure you see the RED LED turns on and stays on for a bit. It will turn off eventually, a bit after the battery is fully charged.
    2. Please keep the Wristcam on the charger.
    3. Open your Bluetooth settings screen on your iPhone.
    4. If you have Wristcam listed on your devices, please click to “i” on the right side next to the Wristcam device and choose “forget device.”
    5. If Wristcam is not showing up, please Turn Off your iPhone Bluetooth, wait about 10 seconds, and turn your iPhone Bluetooth back on.
    6. If you still do not see the Wristcam after 30 seconds, perform the following activity: 
      1. With the Wristcam on the charging cable (charging), press on the Wristcam hardware button for 3 seconds - and AS SOON as you see the Blue flashing LED, lift your finger and quickly double click the button
      2. This will reset the Bluetooth connection for your Wristcam. It might take 30-60 seconds for your phone to rescan and discover the Wristcam.
      3. If that does not work please redo this step with this change: 
      4. With the Wristcam on the charging cable (charging), press on the Wristcam hardware button for 3 seconds - and AS SOON as you see the Blue flashing LED, lift your finger and quickly click the button five (5) times
    7. Now you should be able to locate it on your Bluetooth settings screen (possibly under "OTHER DEVICES"). 
    8. After pairing it with your iPhone, you should see the Wristcam app open. If it asks you if you want to Pair your device, select, "Ok."
    9. Please do not "Unpair" the Wristcam while in the app- otherwise we will need to follow these instructions again.

    If you have any continued issues please contact for assistance. 

    How do I unpair my Wristcam?

    To unpair your Wristcam from Apple Watch and/or iPhone first select "unpair" on the settings tab on the Wristcam app and then go to your iPhone bluetooth setting and click to "forget this device.”

    How do I upload the full HD quality images?

    You need to have a wifi connection in order to upload the full images to your iPhone.

    I am traveling /moving to Europe (or another country other than US ), can I use my Wristcam there?

    Wristcam product is tested and certified for use in the US and Canada. Before you travel, please check that country for its voltage and recommended voltage power convertors. You will need to purchase the appropriate voltage power convertor to avoid any issues which may include damage of the Wristcam core, power adaptor and charging cable.  We are not responsible for any damage caused by improperly charging the Wristcam and your product will not be covered under warranty. 
    Please note, in general you cannot use electronic products certified for the US or Canada consumer in other countries without a voltage converter, because the standard voltage in other countries is often higher than in the United States of America (120 V). 


    When in doubt before charging your Wristcam, please check with


    LED light while recording and taking a picture

    Check this video to see an explanation of the LED light while recording and taking a picture.