Do you have a video on how to set up or install the Wristcam?

    Yes, please view this video to see a full walkthrough on how to set up (install) your Wristcam.


    Please contact if further questions or feedback. 

    Do you have a Wristcam Youtube Channel?

    Yes! Please view and subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here

    We add new videos regularly. Please feel free to Like and share them with friends and family as needed. 

    Do I need a plug converter for the Wristcam Power Adaptor (International user)?

    Please note the Wristcam Power Adaptor, it is USB type A, so you should only need to use an electrical outlet plug converter based on your country. Or you may use any certified Apple USB-A power adapter with the Charging Cable. 

    Please always directly plug the Wristcam into the wall outlet and avoid using a power extension cord to ensure proper charging. A power extension cord may impact the charging capability which means the Wristcam may not charge, may not be able to connect or update. 

    How do I care for and clean routine my Wristcam (after daily and/or water activity use)?

    We recommend you keep Wristcam clean and dry especially after workouts and heavy sweating. Dry Wristcam thoroughly if it is exposed to freshwater. Clean Wristcam if it comes in contact with anything that may cause stains or other damage, such as dirt or sand, makeup, ink, soap, detergent, acids or acidic foods, or comes in contact with liquids other than freshwater, including those that may lead to skin irritation such as sweat, salt water, soapy water, pool water, perfume, insect repellent, lotions, sunscreen, oil, adhesive remover, hair dye, or solvents. 

    To clean Wristcam:

    1. Turn off Wristcam by holding the mechanical button on the Wristcam for 8 seconds - until you see an orange LED light.
    2. Remove the Wristcam from the Apple Watch and the Wristcam core  from the band sleeve 
    3. Wipe Wristcam clean with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. If necessary, you can also lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water.
    4. Dry Wristcam with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth.
    5. You may use a sanitizing wipe to clean the Wristcam band, core hardware and metal connections. 

    To help avoid damaging Wristcam, observe the following:

    • Don’t clean Wristcam while it’s charging.
    • Don’t dry Wristcam using any external heat source (for example, a hair dryer).
    • Don’t use cleaning products, ultrasonic cleaners, or compressed air when cleaning your Wristcam.

    After using the Wristcam doing any water activity (swimming, snorkeling, water park use, etc.):

    • After you've exposed your Wristcam to water, once finished, remove the Wristcam from the silicone smart band, carefully dry off the core and the inside of the band, and - if possible - leave the Wristcam removed from the band for a few hours before recharging.
    • Do not use heat of any type to dry the Wristcam core.
    • Be sure the Wristcam is fully dry before charging. 
    • Never attempt to charge a wet Wristcam core. 

    Avoid using the Wristcam in the below as damage to the core hardware may occur:

    • Hot tub, jacuzzi, shower
    • Washing dishes or a car
    • High impact land or water sports


    How do I flip the cameras from selfie to outer camera?

    You have two options to switch between the selfie and outward cameras.

    To switch between cameras, open the Wristcam app on your watch so you are viewing the Preview screen of the image you may be taking. Scroll left or right to change from photo or video. Double-tap the Wristcam app on the watch to switch cameras. 

    Or, if you are on the latest software update to your Wristcam app (latest available as of Dec 2020 is 0.4.931), we added a flip button on the upper left side of the Wristcam app's Preview (to view on your watch). Simply tap the flip button to on the watch screen Wristcam app to flip cameras. 

    How do I set Wristcam up?

    Connect to Bluetooth and WiFi using the step-by-step instructions provided in your Wristcam box. You can also check this video to see a full walkthrough on how to set up (install) your Wristcam.


    How do I share an image or video on social media?

    You can share images and videos from your iPhone Wristcam app.

    What is the battery life (hours of use)? Any tips on how to lessen battery impact?

    You can capture hundreds of photos or approximately 30 minutes of video per charge (or about 20 minutes of video calling). Battery life varies with use, settings, and other factors so the actual results may vary.

    How much video use, leaving the Wristcam app preview on your watch open, downloading content will also impact the battery more- so we suggest:

    1. Always fully charge before each use (1-2 hours to fully charge the battery). 
    2. Please directly charge the battery directly into the wall outlet and avoid using a power extension cord as it may not properly charge the battery.
    3. You may also keep the Wristcam on the charger, charging when not in use.

    4. When you are not using the Wristcam, please turn it off fully by pressing the mechanical power button for about 8 seconds. As soon as you see a flashing yellow/orangish LED light, lift your finger so it may turn off fully.

    5. Close the Wristcam preview on your watch when not in use 
      1. You may take a photo by doing a one press of your mechanical/power button, and a long press to capture a video- so you do not need to even open the preview. Please click here to see how to do that.
    6. Take less and shorter videos.
    7. Wait to download your content to your Wristcam app or iPhone until you can put the Wristcam on your charging cable (we suggest the battery be at 60% or more to start the download, and leave it on the charging cable).

    Downloading content drains the battery more so we recommend waiting until you are home or able to charge the Wristcam and as noted above on #7 to leave it on the charging cable. Please see this how to download your content video by clicking here