How Do I Make a Video Call?

    First, Video Calling works on Apple Watch Series 3 and higher. It performs optimally on Series 6 and 7.

    After successfully downloading the updated Wristcam App software (you will see this in the App Store on your iPhone), if needed, please pair your Wristcam to iPhone Bluetooth and complete the onboarding of accepting permissions to your iPhone.

    Please go to the Wristcam app Settings. Then scroll down to the Video Calling EARLY ACCESS section of the Wristcam App. You will see the Video Camera Icon.  Once there, click Sign in and make sure to use your Apple ID to register.


    Check out the how to make a call, connect with your contacts through the Wristcam App Newsfeed, which is the icon on the lower far left (you will see four panes/squares within the Wristcam iPhone companion app). At the bottom of the app are the Newsfeed, Video Calling, Gallery, & Settings icons.

    If your friends/family own a Wristcam- please ensure they also updated their software. If not, they may be able to receive your Wristcam video messages (if they created a Messenger account) but not a video call.

    If your family/friends do not have a Wristcam:

    1. Ensure they have an iPhone or iPad as this is currently compatible with iOS and not Android mobile phones (yet- we are working on this for the future).
    2. They will need to install the latest Wristcam software, go to Settings and Sign in to Video Calling EARLY ACCESS  to create an account. 

    Getting Started Tips:

    1. Sometimes it's easier to send a video message 1st to see your family/friends have received it.
    2. Enable Push Notifications from Wristcam Fully charge your Wristcam 3-4 hours before each use. Incoming Video Calls are received by a notification on your Apple Watch, rather than an audible ring.  Notifications will not present themselves on the Watch when you are not wearing it on your wrist. We strongly recommend that you allow permissions within your iPhone settings in order to be made aware of incoming calls.
    3. Configure the Apple Watch so the timeout is changed to 70 seconds instead of 15 seconds (settings) so the Apple Watch does not “go dark” during your call.
      1. You can change the time in Apple Watch Settings->Display & Brightness -> Wakeup duration ->70 Seconds.
    4. Once you answer the video call on one device - your Apple Watch or iPhone Wristcam app - the call must remain on that device; you can not change the platform of the call.
    5. For ideal performance, you need Apple Watch 6, SE, or 7.

    How to make a video call on Wristcam:

    1. Open the the Wristcam app preview on your Apple Watch.
    2. Slide from the Photo option, again to pass the Video option, and locate the Video Calling Screen.
    3. Select “Message” or “Video Call”.
      1. For Message, select a contact and the Apple Watch screen will change to a blue outlined screen with a red square stop button in the lower left corner.
        1. A countdown timer - 3,2,1 -  will appear prior to the Message recording beginning.
        2. Once recording, the blue outline will turn green, and will slowly move along the edge of the screen indicating the time left for you to record the message and progressing in color to red nearing the end of time to record.
        3. To stop recording at any time, tap the stop button.
        4. Your message will send automatically.
      2. For Video Call, select a contact and the call will immediately initiate
        1. The Wristcam self-facing video camera will turn on.
        2. When the recipient accepts the call, the video and audio will connect.

    Possible troubleshooting:

    1. Change from Wifi (turn it off on your Apple Watch, under Settings) to switch to Cellular Data if the connection is weak.
    2. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wristcam app- please save any needed photos or videos prior to taking this step so you do not lose your content.

    Remember, Wristcam Video Calling is in Early Access so you may experience some bugs along the way. Should you encounter any major or minor issues we want to hear from you. Please submit a bug report, which can be found within the Settings section of the Wristcam App (and ensure your Wristcam is paired and your Wristcam app Preview is on in your watch face). Please include as many details as possible with the report.


    What Do I Need for Video Calling? Is This Using FaceTime?

    Our Video Calling EARLY ACCESS feature works with the Original Edition and Limited Edition Wristcam.  The video calling EARLY ACCESS feature is our custom made feature and is not Apple's FaceTime (nor is it compatible with FaceTime). All users will need to sign in and create an account (for free) in the Wristcam app for this feature to work. Others just need to own an iPhone or iPad. Then they can call your Watch, or you can call them through the Watch (through the Wristcam app) using a Wifi network connection. 

    Wristcam is a band with a self-facing and an outward-facing duo camera for your Apple Watch. With Wristcam, you can take photos and videos with a tap of button.

    The Wristcam Original Edition (Black or Gray band) has the same duo camera hardware as the Limited Edition in the Sage band. The limited edition refers to the limited amount of Sage color bands that we created (and offered only in size 42/44/45mm) that we manufactured. So whether you buy the separate Sage band for $99 or the Wristcam in that Sage color for $399 only the band color is different. A user can change the band anytime as needed for cleaning or to use a different color band.

    The Apple Watch is sold separately- Series 3 or higher is needed to work with the Wristcam. 

    My friend/family is not getting my video call, what can I do?

    First, please ensure they have an Apple iPhone as this is compatible currently only for iOS. We plan to offer Android (Samsung, etc.) compatibility in the future.
    Sometimes it is easier to first start by sending a video message to your friend or family member so you know they received it (and then you will know they added the Wristcam app and signed in under their account).  
    Once they get the video message then you know you can then try video calling with them.
    If you are noting any connection issue, please turn off the Wifi on your Apple Watch, under Settings (not on your iPhone). 
    You can also try uninstalling the Wristcam app and reinstalling it. 
    Please contact if you have more questions.

    Why Do I Need An Apple ID to Sign Into Video Calling/How to Create A Free Apple ID?

    Currently the only way to sign into Video Calling or Messaging is with an Apple ID. 

    To create a free Apple ID, please use this Apple link. 

    Where Do I (or My Friends/Family) Find The Video Calling Early Access?

    All you need to do is check your Wristcam settings to see if Video Calling EARLY ACCESS is showing, if not please check on your iPhone > App Store and search for Wristcam to see if you need to update to the latest software with Video Calling early release.

    Once you are on the latest Wristcam updated software, under Settings you will see the Video Camera Icon.  Once there, click Sign in and make sure to use your Apple ID to register.

    Your friends or family also need to install the latest Wristcam app with Video Calling EARLY ACCESS. Then they also need to sign in with their Apple ID and create their account. This app will only work with an iPhone or iPad.


    We plan to offer Android compatibility later. 






    How do I turn on/off or adjust my Wristcam Video Calling notifications?

    You may change your notifications (turn some on or off as desired) for the Wristcam under the Settings for your iPhone. Go to Settings > Notifications > Wristcam and adjust your notifications as needed. 

    I am not getting the phone code for the Wristcam Video Calling- help!

    Some consumers may note a phone code issue with the Wristcam Video Calling EARLY ACCESS.

    We are aware of an issue for some consumers based on their telecom carrier. While we work to resolve that issue, please contact  Support will be able to text your phone code to you. 

    What is the maximum timeframe for the Video Message?

    The current video length can be up to 23 seconds. 

    Can I make a Video Call with a friend who uses an Android phone?

    No, currently the Wristcam video calling and video messages only work with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

    Friends or family using an Android phone (Samsung, etc.) will not be able to view it until we release the Android compatibility, we hope later this year.


    Stay tuned for updates!

    My friend does not have a Wristcam, how do I send them a Video Message or Call them?

    If they do not have a Wristcam, you may still call them and share video messages with them.

    They will need to download the Wristcam app, go to Settings and sign in to create a free profile. They need to stay signed in, but the app does not need to be open for them to receive a call or video message from you. 


    What is the Video Calling feature? Do you have a video on this?

    Wristcam Video Calling EARLY ACCESS  is available for every iOS user (Android coming soon) and allows calling and messaging from your watch to your friends and family who also are using an iPhone.  Please see below. 


    Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube videos as we will continue to add more over time.